Liner services


In Delta Agenzia Marittima we have a profound and direct knowledge of the break bulk industry as well as the Ro/Ro’s. This extensive experience, grown throughout the years, has allowed us to sign long-term logistics agreements, operating in the name and on behalf of some of the most famous Italian companies in various fields, such as plant engineering, steel and rolling stock.

Areas of expertise

Delta Agenzia Marittima shipping agency mainly operates in the following business areas: 

• loading and unloading of rolling stock
• loading and unloading of goods in packages and installations
• storage, stuffing and unstuffing of containers
• special haulages and international transport
• assistance and coordination of port operations

Strategic presence

In Delta Agenzia Marittima we can count on several operational and commercial stations spread across the country, namely Genoa, Milan, Livorno, Naples, Venice and Trieste.

The widespread presence on the territory favours a constant presence, allowing our representatives to access production sites in real time and receiving first-hand market insights about certain commodities.