Our Services

At Delta Agenzia Marittima we operate as Commercial and Operational Agents for important liners, regularly calling Italian ports. We are therefore very experienced on multiple sectors such as FCL, ‘Ro/Ro’ and ‘General/miscellaneous Cargo’. It is indeed a rarity in this line of work, to find such a diversified knowledge on all sorts of modes of transport within the same company, which is why at Delta Agenzia Marittima we are proud to show for a very wide and diverse range of customers in our portfolio.

Liner services

Thanks to those Shipping Companies that have assigned us an exclusive representation mandate in Italy, we are able to offer regular scheduled services to the main overseas destinations to any exporter/importer or freight forwarder who represent them. Specific importance is given on the promoting of regular departures, with ships capable of transporting containers, rolling stock and various goods to destinations in the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf, India and China.